Terms & Conditions  

By registering as a member with K4S Coaching, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Data Protection Statement & Consent

The information and data which is provided within this registration form will be held on our computers and manual records of, may be used by K4S. K4S may inform you from time to time by email, telephone, or mail of relevant news, information & services and products offered by them which they believe may interest you.   Disclaimer K4S Coaching reserves the right to cancel any of its sessions at any time but will endeavour to give at least 48 hours notice prior to the event.   You agree to indemnify, defend and hold K4S Coaching and all their associated companies and their directors, employees, information providers, licensors and licensees, officers, partners, sponsors and suppliers (collectively, indemnified parties) harmless from and against any and all liability and costs (including, without limitation, legal fees and costs) incurred by the indemnified parties in connection with any claim arising out of any breach by you of these terms and conditions of use.   K4S Coaching photographs and videos maybe requested to be taken of registered children at any of our sessions. These pictures and videos may be used, reproduced and/or published in K4S Coaching publications including online articles, social media, news reports and on sites including Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. Official K4S Coaching photographs and video can also be used by any of our official partners.   I authorize K4S Coaching staff to administer or approve any medical treatment deemed necessary to the participant. I agree to K4S Coaching reserving the right to remove any disruptive participants or parents/guardians from the session and/or venue and that none of the parties involved with the organization and the promotion of clinics can accept any responsibility or liability for personal injury of participants, or loss/damage to personal effects or property.   Conditions of Enrolment   Confirmation of Enrolment will be forwarded to a member on receipt of an application form, which must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. Payment of fee will be subject to a program member’s acceptance of these conditions of enrolment.   The clinic member agrees to abide by all policies implemented by K4S Coaching.       Refund Policy   Please note that this refund policy does NOT apply to Ravenscourt Park Rangers FC team subscriptions. Please see the team membership cancellation section for more information

1. You may cancel your booking without any charge within 7 working days of you placing your order provided the course has not already started.

2. Unless condition 1 applies, no refund can be given for cancellation received.

  1. Credit notes will be given in circumstances of injury or illness.

For cancellations made in accordance with condition 2, a full refund is available subject, to a £10 administration charge and in the case of Holiday courses, a £25 administrative charge. Please note that a booking can be transferred to another eligible person or program without charge. All courses, activities, venues and travel arrangements are subject to change according to weather, venue availability, a satisfactory level of participants or other factors beyond our control.   As such, we may cancel or change any courses, should this be necessary for these reasons. If we do have to cancel a course we will offer an alternative course (if available and suitable) or a full refund but we shall not have any other liability to you. You are responsible for arranging and paying for suitable insurance to cover any injury or illness to the participant as, unfortunately, we cannot provide a refund under these circumstances.   For the avoidance of doubt, no refund is permitted for participant’s failure to attend the course or if the participant is unable to obtain necessary travel arrangements.

 K4S Technical and Development Sessions  

By registering as a K4S  member, you agree to a booking period of 11 months from September until July each year the direct debit monthly payments are of £49.00 per month.

members also agree to a minimum period of (3 months) after which they are free to cancel as long as we have 1 months notice. This is to allow others on our waiting list to join and to ensure staff ratios are always right.

If this monthly payment is declined at any stage during your membership, there is a 7-day period from this date for the payment to be made in cash, by cheque, cash, BACS credit/debit card.   If you child cannot attend any session you are required to inform us in advance by Email, Telephone or SMS message.


K4S Academy Membership Cancellation  

Cancellation on a member’s part must be given in writing by email and will only be terminated when a month’s payment from the cancellation date has been taken and the minimum of one school term completed for all sessions except RPR FC, which, is for the season.   Failure to meet any of the above stated payment criteria could result in a County Court Judgment (CCJ) being issued to retrieve the sum that is owed. If a member sustains what is deemed, by medical professionals, to be a long term injury we will consider the situation on a case by case basis with relation to postponing or cancelling a membership which has not yet served the minimum minimum agreement.

Professional Club Recruitment  

All Performance Academy players are obligated to inform us of any approaches that are made to them by representatives of professional football clubs or organizations. This must be completed in advance of any agreement to participate in any trials that may be offered by the aforesaid entities. K4S Coaching reserve the right to provide our Partner Professional clubs with first priority on any player registered on our program.

K4S Academy Training Kit  

No branding is allowed to be added, to the K4S Academy training kit, this includes, numbers. Return of kit will not be possible once the kit has been distributed after a fitting session.   The auto email that is generated on booking must be presented on arrival at your first session. No admittance will be granted to a holiday camp or session, without the auto email as highlighted above. If a place is booked in advance and your child cannot attend you are required to inform us by Email, Telephone or SMS message.

Medical Conditions

You are required to inform K4S Coaching of any medical conditions your child may have in advance.   Payment in full must be received prior to the attendance of any clinic. Places on all clinics are limited. Applications are accepted on a first come first served basis. Applications must be received at least 24 hours in advance of the clinic start dates.

Professional Club Matches Program

K4S Academy players will have the opportunity to experience training matches at a host of professional clubs through the season. Upon registering for a K4S Football program, you will be informed of match fixture dates against professional teams. It is expected for players that are selected for these matches to make themselves available as a matter of priority in representing K4S Football Academy.

I hereby certify that I (we) am (are) the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the traveller. I (We) hereby give permission for the staff of K4S Coaching & to seek appropriate medical attention for the traveller and for the medical attention to be given and for the traveller to receive medical attention in the event of accident, injury or illness. I will be responsible for any and all costs of medical attention and treatment.

I/We, our heirs, executors and administrators waive, release and forever discharge K4S Coaching and it’s staff, officers, agents, employees, representatives and successors and assign of and from all rights and claims for damages, injury or loss to person or property which may be sustained or occur during participating in traveller activities or while overseas, whether or not damages, injury or loss is due to negligence.   I/We hereby acknowledge that our child is physically fit and mentally capable of participating in football related activities. K4S Coaching, and RPRFC act only as an agent to any owners, suppliers and contractors providing transportation, accommodations and any other services related to it’s program.

The players Legal Guardian, by signing up to the trip, agrees, that K4S Coaching, and RPRFC shall not become liable or responsible for additional expenses, injury or damage to person or property in connection with any transportation, accommodations, excursions, or any other services resulting directly or indirectly from Acts of God, terrorism, damages incidental to flight, fire, acts of government or other causes beyond the direct control of K4S Coaching, and RPR FC.

All deposits are non refundable and cancellations up to 2 months prior to the date of departure are non-refundable for any trips arranged.