K4S Development Squads

K4S Development squads take place on various days throughout the week and weekends with our most popular training session being Saturday morning. Ages range from Under 5s through to Under 16s. We place huge emphasis on developing each player’s technical ability within our foundation age group of 5 to 9 year olds. We aim to develop players so that they can progress into our League team programs and beyond into Elite squads if and when they are ready. Our development squads aim to bridge the gap between professional Football Club Academy training and Grass Roots Football. We believe every child should be able to receive the same coaching as professional clubs regardless of ability.

We take our influences from years of research and support ideas from Holland, other parts of Europe and the continent. Developing technical ability in our players is our main priority in order to ensure we produce players that are confident and comfortable when in possession. During our sessions players are likely to have more touches of the ball than they would in three sessions with some other Academies.

The most fundamental skill in Football is individual mastery of the ball and the creativity that comes with it. This should be a priority in training and games, especially in the early years. As this skill is mastered, the rest of the game becomes easy – both to teach and to learn. We build practices around facilitating the development of the skills necessary to move and control the ball well. As these individual skills and the creativity to make them come alive in the game are developed to a level of competence, the finer points, such as the passing of the ball or team organisation, can then be taught.

If you would like more information on development squad places, please contact us, or register on the site to see times and days available.


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