RPRFC League Team Program

The Ravenscourt Park Rangers Football Club league team program is highly competitive with many players competing for spaces on our teams. RPRFC has teams from Under 7s to Under 14s with options to play on Saturday and Sunday in London each season. Last season, we had great success with our Under 13s team winning the league and cup to be crowned double champions. Our Under 11s finished league runners up in two leagues. RPRFC team coaching, is delivered by experienced, full time professional coaching staff from K4S Academies.

K4S Academies work with many professional Football clubs, including Fulham, Brentford, QPR, Millwall, Crystal Palace and also school teams and Grass Roots clubs across London and the South East. League team training sessions encompass aspects of learning within a competitive Football team.

We follow our own coaching syllabus that adds a progression to the technical areas covered in Development training. During team training we aim to do our core work based around the ‘four moments’ of the game. Current thinking in Football divides the game into four main moments; own team in possession, losing possession, opponents in possession and regaining possession. This should not be confused with attack, defence and transition. It is larger than that. The latter philosophy leads to isolated responsibilities and positions. Players become attackers or defenders in mind and action. This results in defenders that do not support effectively when their midfield is in possession and front players that don’t contribute when the opponents have the ball. This limited view opens the way for isolation within the lines of the team.

We believe in creating a competitive environment at our league team  sessions and believe that all players will thrive in having competition pitched at the right level for them. We set up alternate streams and leagues to cater for everyone’s level within the schools and clubs we work with. Our belief in the best way to develop is using the three thirds theory; competing against tougher opponents, weaker opponents and equal ability opponents, in this way we aim to maximise our players’ development at all levels of the game. Book the RPRFC League Team Program