Ravenscourt Park Rangers

Ravenscourt Park Rangers (the club) together with our system of coaching aim to develop players to reach their full potential. We know success takes hard work, planning, monitoring, evaluating and the setting of targets to help each player reach their goals. It also demands a commitment and a “pledge” to work hard on behalf of the player and coach.

We feel that it is our mission to be regarded as a successful and innovative Club/Academy.

Our belief is that we have enough experience with a good blend of coaching personnel to lead by example. RPRFC teams play matches on Saturdays and Sundays and players can be selected to play for either team in their age group. Players wanting to be selected and play competitive league Football must go onto our league team training program and graduate from our K4S development squads or have enough previous experience.

In the long-term the aim is to develop ourselves further and become a visionary forward thinking academy. By thinking outside the box and developing players to their full potential, we believe we can make an impact to their behaviour both on and off the field. We are interested in helping our players grow not only as athletes but also as people and therefore see ourselves not only as coaches, but as trainers, educators and counsellors who are dedicated to each individual player we work with.

“Only team work makes champions”